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Antiquity of CHENCHUS'

We are Chenchus the Indigenous People of the Krishna River Valley

We are Chenchus; the Indigenous People of the Krishna River Valley. We were identified as Indigenous People by the United Nations, and the Government of India identified us as Primitive Tribal Groups.

We are the descendants of the people of Kruthayuga according to Puranas the ancient scriptures and Vedic chronicle. We are the progeny of the Lord Mallana and Meisamma / Bhramaramba (the River Krishna) of Sreesailam.

Thus says our ancient Puranas about our lineage. Lord Mallana Beget Lord Bhairava. Lord Bhairava begets ……Mareechi. Mareechi begets Kasyapa Prajapathi (father of many clans). Kasyapa Prajapathi begets Hiranya Kasyapa. Hiranya Kasyapa begets Prahalada and Chenchitha. Chenchita was eloped by Singanna made her as his concert, the so called Lord Narasimha one of the incarnations of Lord Vistnu. He made his abode Ahobilam of Yerramala Forest the part of Nallamala of the Krishna River Valley.

Chenchita the concert of Singanna was our Paternal Aunt, made as deity and Lordess along with Lord Narasimha. In the process of Aryanization of Indian Religion and Traditions, Lordess Chenchita and Lord Narasimha are worshiped down through the by the people who follow Vedic religions.

We, in evolution of Aryan culture and religion were named after Chenchita, our great grand Paternal Aunt the daughter of Hiranya Kasyapa.

Down through the ages the Sreesailam the abode of Lord Mallana had been witnessing for the antiquity and survival of the Chenchus’ past glory and present plight. Sreesailam the abode of Mallana the so called Siva Temple pilgrimage centre is the earliest of Kaasi / Varanasi which on the banks of the Ganga River in Northern India, or Amarnadh in Himalayas or any other Siva Pilgrim Temple ever known in the legend and history.

Our natural habitat is Nallamala Forest belt extending eight corners of the hill tracts of Sreesailam the pilgrim temple. Down through the ages we are on guard of eight corners of the temple like our great grand parent Lord Bhairava and his children. Lord Bhairva is also called as Lord Veera Bhadrudu. According to the tradition we are inherits of the Temple and Knchukies / the protectors and Sreesailam Temple also any other Siva temples all over the land.