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Accepting to respond to the challenges of the International Year of Indigenous Peoples1994, an activist of Indigenous People, born in an Indigenous family, in the belt of Nallamala Forest of the Krishna River Valley, left to experience the life and challenges of the survival of Chenchus the Indigenous People in Nallamala core forest, and to establish A New Partnership with the international community and with the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Experiencing the community life and studying the ‘culture and history’ of the Chenchus, a research paper was submitted before the proceedings of the twentieth session of Andhra Pradesh Congress a body of scholars teaching History and Culture in the colleges and universities in State of Andhra Pradesh, India, making an appeal for A New Partnership to save Nature and the Indigenous People the Chenchus, who are inseparable from the Flora and Fauna.

  • Krishna is a Sanskrit name of the Bayyamma the name of the River called in local dialect.